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Why your business needs a freelance article writer

What’s the best way to let potential customers know you understand their pain and you’ll solve it far better than your competition?

Tell them?

Far better is to grab them with content that talks to their worries, concerns and questions.

An article is the perfect place to showcase your strengths and experience, without doing anything as tacky as selling yourself. And they’re brilliant for talking about the tough stuff your clients might not want to ask in person.

Here’s the how and why of hiring an article writer to write quality content for you…

How is an article different from a blog post?

A quick word on what I mean by “article”. We’re not talking about the opinion and chatter of a blog post. This is a detailed, in-depth piece with data and stats that leave our reader smarter for investing their time in us. And they’re usually quite long – 1200 words or (much) more.

My clients often use articles when they want to position or reposition their services. Maybe they’ve started selling something new, it’s going well, and they want to be considered seriously in their niche.

Or they want to highlight skills that aren’t a main part of their offer but create a mix that makes them unique. An article helps draw clients looking for their distinctive flavour.

According to DemandMetric, “70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles rather than an advert”.

And the real magic of articles is that, once you hit publish, they don’t quit. Unlike PPC ads, they keep on drawing search engines and traffic to your site, day-in and day-out.

The case for writing articles as part of your marketing strategy is strong. But why hire an article writer?

Professional writers are skilled at writing stuff people want to read

You write all your training courses and your client reports, why not articles too?

Writing words people have paid or are being paid to read is one thing. Writing for people who have zero investment in you – who can click away in a heartbeat – is a different skill set entirely.

Every word has to draw people on to the next. You’ll need short sentences. And subheads that tell the story at a glance.

You need to hold readers on the strength of the wisdom you promise they’ll gain in exchange for their time.

That takes experience, and you can tap into it in a heartbeat when you hire a freelance article writer.

Hiring a writer will help you find fresh things to love about your business

It’s a common concern: “how can someone else write about my business, my product, my consulting? They don’t know it like I do”.

But it’s in not knowing every detail of your business that a freelance writer brings a new and valuable perspective. They’re closer to your potential customers’ positions, and that’s a brilliant place to write about you from.

They’ll come at it with fresh eyes and find the surprising bits. Pro writers love turning complicated features into benefits that talk directly to your customers’ problems.

Plus, lots of freelance writers have past lives in other industries. I worked in oil and gas business development for years. And, of course, every freelancer runs their own business and so brings a raft of experience of marketing themselves.

A freelance creative is bound to find a new angle or a new story to tell about you that you’re simply too close to your business to see.

Article writers will make you conspicuous in the best possible way

A good writer will research not just you, but your competitors and the articles in your field that are currently grabbing Google’s top spots.

It’s their job to create a headline that stands out and craft content that shows your unique perspective.

An experienced writer knows all about fickle search engines

There are no guarantees with Google, and anyone who tells you there are is not being honest. What you can trust is that search engines value quality content that answers their searchers’ questions.

So creating useful content is a strong start. But there are plenty of ways of making it easier to be spotted in the crowd.

Choosing the right keywords – I might look up writing advice, you’ll be looking for a writer – and then gently incorporating them is a skill.  You want your reader to have them top of mind without being irritated by the repetition.

The prize is an article that’s attractive for SEO and earns you backlinks from other sites which recognise your content as useful.

Employing an article writer puts you just a week or two away from hitting “publish”

Writers spend all their time writing. They’re fast, and they’ll create something that can start building all that lovely trust, authority and leads in the next 10 days or so.

How does that sound?

And they’ll happily find the content by interviewing you, fleshing out the notes from this morning’s team meeting, taking three bullet points you wrote on the train yesterday, or by starting from scratch.

You don’t need to put aside a big chunk of your time to get moving.

There’s enormous power to draw search engines, web traffic and trust by sharing high-quality articles with your audience. Don’t wait until you find the time, hire an experienced article writer to start crafting the perfect piece today.

Give me a call or visit the Procopywriters Directory to find your ideal writer.

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