Crystal Clear window cleaning – SEO article

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Finding a reliable local window cleaner in London

Have you just realised that the grey day is down to your lack of a reliable London window cleaner, and not the weather? The simplest thing to do, of course, is to ask your neighbours “does anyone know a good window cleaner in London?”. But what if they don’t, or you’re looking to hire a local commercial window cleaner in London? Where do you look next? lists window cleaning services according to your postcode. Beware: the first few companies listed are usually sponsored links, not necessarily local window cleaners in London. You’ll need to ask the company directly for references or see if you can find independent ones online.

Again, allows you to search for the service you want with your postcode and find companies close to you or that serve your area. They often have customer reviews displayed next to their ad.

For an easy way to get a series of quotes, visit You type in Window Cleaning and your London postcode and enter some details of what you need (e.g. how many windows, can they be accessed from the ground). Then simply wait and see who bids on the job and read their Bidvine reviews. and offer similar services to Bidvine. You’ll only hear from three London window cleaning companies interested in your job though, and they’ll call you before they offer a quote. Each company pays to access your contact details so is likely to be genuinely keen for the work.

If you want to be really sure of finding a reliable window cleaner in London, only lists companies that they have interviewed. All member companies have public liability insurance and must provide at least five references to be listed on the site. offers a similar service, showing only companies that have been in business for at least two years and are members of a relevant trade association.

Once you’ve found a potentially reliable local window cleaner in London, spend some time checking the fine print. Ask to see their insurance certificate. Will they charge extra for parking or a job in the congestion zone? Can they offer roped-access work for windows on higher floors? Are they familiar with your window style (e.g. windows with wooden frames take longer to clean)? With a little luck, you’ll soon be enjoying your view again.


Bio: City Sparkle Clean has been letting the sunshine into London offices and large residential buildings for twenty years. We have worked on some of the city’s highest and oldest buildings. Visit or call us on 0207 123 4567 to arrange a quote.