Melinda Cotton – Osteopath

Melinda and Andrew Cotton founded their Fulham practice –  now the biggest private osteopathy clinic in London –  nearly 30 years ago. Many of their clients have been returning to them for decades. They’re vocal supporters of their community and they’re committed teachers. I was delighted to help them create a new practice handbook that brings together their lifetimes’ learning for the many young osteopaths they coach.

“I have been absolutely delighted with the work Amy has done for my company . Our osteopath handbook had become a long unmanageble and unreadable document, which was a great shame because it contained many invaluable tips and insights. Amy has totally transformed this handbook in quite a magical way. It still has my voice, but now it has a logical stucture and fluidity. Amy has transformed the handbook into a really readable and useful tool to support new osteopaths joining our team.

It is the first time that I have used a copywriter. My goodness me what a difference Amy has made! I will definitely be using her service again!”