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Does my business need Fulham managed IT support?

Maybe your start-up has grown and your Fulham business IT support needs are getting more complicated? Perhaps the recent ransomware attacks and the devastating impact on businesses, have left you worried? Here are five things to consider if you are thinking about paying for managed IT support in Fulham…

1) Stop wasting your time and talent

If your company is small, you might have found it quite simple to manage your IT needs yourselves, calling in Fulham IT support only when things get complicated. But how much time is it really taking up? And what else could you be doing with that time? Buying a Fulham IT support package lets you get on with growing your business and doing what you do best.

2) Security and data storage

Keeping your customers’ data, your employees’ details, your business plans, etc. safe is vital. You need to stay on top of virus prevention, firewall settings and encryption. Managing appropriate data storage and keeping that backed-up, is essential. The only guaranteed solution to the recent ransomware attacks was to completely delete affected computers. A Fulham IT support contract would have all your data protected as a matter of course.

3) System maintenance

If it’s not done correctly, upgrading software and hardware can cause huge knock-on problems and unexpected errors in other software or printer drivers for example. As part of your managed IT support, your contracted company will make sure that you are running with the latest and most appropriate technology for your business.

4) Network monitoring

When your business is humming along nicely, IT support can still add value by watching your network use. They’ll see where things can run faster or need more security or could be changed to better suit how you work. Ultimately that means a smoother computing experience for you.

5) Disaster recovery

People make mistakes. Things catch fire or flood (flooding has proven a big Fulham IT support issue recently). Some cyber attackers are simply too determined… You need a plan to get your systems running again. An IT company will help you develop that as part of their support, working out what physical and people processes need to be in place.

Fulham managed IT support for your business means you will hardly need to think about IT issues again, and that has to be good news for you.


Bio: At Trust Computing we’ve been helping Fulham businesses to forget about IT problems for 15 years. We have a range of support packages for you to choose from and an incredibly qualified and experienced team waiting to help. Visit or call us on 0207 123 4567.