Parsons Green Physio – long and short advertising copy

Long copy for an advertisement feature and short copy for a flyer, advertising a local physiotherapy firm. The client is long-established and their sales funnel is largely filled with referrals, so my writing focuses on their reputation and rave reviews.


200-word piece on Parsons Green Physio for an advertisement feature:

You want to be the strongest, healthiest, pain-free version of you…

…but there’s so much choice: whose skills and experience can you trust? We opened Parsons Green Physio in 1995. Many of our clients have been returning to us for years, supporting a lifetime of sport, managing long-term injuries or bringing their growing families.

“Parsons Green Physio has treated me for back pain and they have been absolutely miracle workers.” Mads L

You want your body to heal itself properly and permanently and that’s our goal too. We’ll suggest exercises and stretches that will strengthen and get you back to wellness as soon as possible…

…and treating injuries isn’t all: Parsons Green Physio offers fibromyalgia support, specialises in minor sports injuries, and even has a dedicated arthritis clinic. We are the biggest private physiotherapy practice in London, and that gives us the experience to give you just the right care.

“Kayla [senior physiotherapist] has the magic touch… her treatments very quickly brought my daughter back to full health.” Georgina R

We offer a range of fees and discounted packages of sessions. We are family owned and run and welcome trailing little ones! Please call us or drop in today and see how best we can help you. Parsons Green Physio,, 020 7123 4567

50-word piece on Parsons Green Physio for a flyer:

“My thanks to Parsons Green Physio… I feel fantastic: freer, lighter, less stiffness, no tightness, more movement, just amazing. “ Nicola B

You want to be the strongest, healthiest, pain-free version of you. We have been helping our clients achieve this for more than 20 years. Call us on 020 7123 4567.