A lot of my business copy is tied up with NDAs, but here you’ll find some stuff I can share. Browse my copywriting portfolio and click on the links below for a flavour of my writing and the copywriting projects I’ve worked on and been involved with. Or, hop over to my blog


Oil and Gas Client

Sometimes a project comes along and the fit is simply perfect. This oil and gas client had me drawing on experiences from every line of my CV. With ambitious plans for growth, there was a lot to do.

Corporate Events Website Copy Freelance Copywriter Amy Boylan London

Saynor Events

In 2013, Charlotte Saynor left a hugely successful career in media and entertainments to launch Saynor Events. Charlotte’s events expertise and deep commercial understanding mean the business has rocketed.

Dromaeus IT Services Web Copy Amy Boylan

Dromaeus IT Services

Adam Jeffryes started Dromaeus IT Services to take the stress out of IT for small and medium-sized businesses. Working across the East Midlands, his team offers everything from consultancy to a fully-outsourced help desk. Including the very latest in cloud technology and business comms.

London Speech and Feeding website content Amy Boylan copywriter

The London Speech and Feeding Practice

Sonja McGeachie launched The London Speech and Feeding Practice to share her 20+ years of experience in speech, language and feeding therapy. Sonja works with babies and children, often with complex needs, to help them reach their potential and thrive.

DFA white paper trifold flyer

Driver First Assist

Driver First Assist is a not-for-profit, first-aid training organisation. Their focus is on providing accident first-responder skills to business drivers to save lives in the minutes before the emergency services arrive. And they’re constantly innovating to keep costs low and reach as broad an audience as possible.


PestGone Environmental

Mark Moseley is the man behind the young and already-award winning Pestgone Environmental. These are pest controllers with a difference and they leave no kickboard unturned in their hunt for unwelcome visitors.

Freelance Copyediting Motherkind.co


Zen mother, coach and marketing whiz Zoe Blaskey started Motherkind in 2017. She offers podcasts, events and coaching to help mums find their way in life and business.

Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace was home to the Bishops of London for more than 1,200 years. From wandering neolithic tribesmen to dinner with Queen Elizabeth I, the site itself has seen around 10,000 years of history.

Melinda Cotton – Osteopath

Melinda and Andrew Cotton founded their Fulham practice –  now the biggest private osteopathy clinic in London –  nearly 30 years ago. Many of their clients have been returning to them for decades.

leaflet flyer copy man and van london

The Yellow Van Company

The Yellow Van Company  offers low-price Man and Van services all over London. Their Trustpilot and Checkatrade ratings show they’re head and shoulders above their competition for price and reliability.

Content writer PhD

Academic publications

A research PhD on Jurassic carbonate ramps doesn’t make entertaining bedtime reading for most people, I understand. It does make a copywriter who’s relentlessly thorough in her research though.


Can Will Consulting

Straight-talking super-coach Candace Williams launched her executive coaching business in 2016. After a long career in marketing and sales management roles, she decided to turn her love for supporting emerging leaders into a full-time job.

London copywriter fortune 500 experience

Writing for corporate decision support

Are you looking for a corporate copywriter who’s stood where you are? I’ve spent years in major corporations, working primarily in business development. Winning minds, hearts and, ultimately, millions of dollars of cash for deals and operations, was all in a day’s work.

Resources to start your own business

Start-ups – how to get help when you make the leap

You’ve found a gap in the market that’s you-shaped. You’re convinced you can execute that idea far better yourself. You know that your blend of skills is unique and your offer is priceless. If now is the time to start your own business, here are some helping hands…

Trust computing – SEO article

Keyword-rich SEO article for a Fulham IT support company, incorporating five key phrases: Fulham IT support, Fulham business IT support, Fulham IT support package, Fulham managed IT support and Fulham IT support contract.

Scrap Squirrels flyer

Sales copy written for a flyer, promoting a junk clearance firm. Scrap Squirrels pride themselves on recycling whatever they can and also collect from anywhere in your house or office, so you don’t have to do lots of sorting.

Parsons Green Physio – long and short advertising copy

Long copy for an advertisement feature and short copy for a flyer, advertising a local physiotherapy firm. The client is long-established and their sales funnel is largely filled with referrals, so my writing focuses on their reputation and rave reviews.

Denton’s restaurant press release

Press release for the opening of a local contemporary British restaurant. Written targeting the Lifestyle / Food & Drink section of Fulham Residents’ Journal.

Crystal Clear window cleaning – SEO article

Keyword-rich SEO article for a London window cleaning business, incorporating five key phrases: London window cleaning, reliable London window cleaner, London commercial window cleaner, local window cleaner in London, does anyone know a good window cleaner in London.