Why hire me as your copywriter?

London Freelance Copywriter Amy BoylanWords: you have an inbox full, social media streams full, maybe even a hallway full. How do you reach your customer through the throng? How do you stand out, build trust, get them to read your content ahead of the rest…?

Copywriting (writing for advertising or marketing purposes) is tough to do well. It takes time, research and discipline, along with a creative spark. But here’s where I come in: I love writing and researching and building new things from the Lego bricks of early ideas.

I love the process of crafting words to transport, inform or influence a reader.

Along the way, I’ve contributed to, authored and edited white papers and strategy documents to support decision-making for multi-million dollar deals and operations. I hold a research PhD in Geology and have written papers about that too.

My combination of technical, commercial, field and exec office skills and experience is pretty unusual. I can communicate in a huge range of teams and environments.

I’d be delighted to create something that your customers will love. Please get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.

Follow the links below to see the fine print of my background. Or skip merrily on and check out my blog….

London copywriter fortune 500 experience

Oil and Gas Copywriter

Looking for persuasive business copy? I’ve spent years in international oil and gas companies, working primarily in business development. Winning minds, hearts and millions of dollars of funding for deals and operations was all in a day’s work.

Content writer PhD

PhD Geology

A research PhD on Jurassic carbonate ramps doesn’t make entertaining bedtime reading for most people, I understand. It does make a copywriter who’s relentlessly thorough in her research though. And the teaching experience that went with it means that I’m great at making the detailed and technical into something that anyone can read…

Amy Boylan copywriting training


Learning is a bit of an addiction for me. I love an online course, a how-to text, an ebook, just one more audio download from my Blinkist subscription… Having said that, here is a list of my formal writing and marketing training: