Brochure writing

Your brochure is beautiful. It’s packed with shiny images and printed on the most tactile paper. This is going to grab you and your business some serious attention when you include it in a mailshot or distribute it generously at conferences. But will the words turn that attention into action?

Creating a brochure is an expensive business. You want to squeeze every last sales lead, order and ounce of goodwill out of it. You need copy that shows your company or products in the best light and reassures your customers of your strength and professionalism. You need copy that matches the fabulous package it comes in.

Why choose me as your brochure copywriter?

Whatever the commercial goals of your brochure, I’ll write copy that delivers as much punch as the visuals. I’ll describe who you are, as well as what you do. I’ll tell your company’s story – your philosophy, mission, value – so that it speaks to your customers. And I’ll add case studies and customer perspectives that bring your business alive.

A great brochure can live a long, eye-catching and productive life – passed around and hanging around for months or even years to come. I’ll make sure that the words work hard to give you the industry edge.

Call me or drop me an email and tell me a bit about what you’re looking for. It’s completely free.

P. S. My fee always includes:

  • A telephone or Skype consultation to get to know your business, your style and your objectives.
  • Studying your sector so I can describe your unique value.
  • Copywriting to grab your clients’ attention, answer their questions and encourage them to work with you.
  • Proofreading and editing to make sure everything is error-free.
  • Up to two rounds of revisions, so you get just the right words.