Services and pricing

What does a copywriter do?

It’s this simple: I string words together to make you look great and have your customers scrambling to call.

Why should I hire someone to write for me?

Of course, you can write everything yourself. But are you sure you can put your potential customer first and tell them the things they really want and need to know? Can you really tell them a story that compels them to hire you? And is that really a good use of your time?

I’ll give you just the right words while you get on with what you do best. And you can skip putting customers off with typos, too much talk of yourselves and sentences that go nowhere.

How much is it going to cost?

OK, it would be easier if I just posted my rates here. But no two projects are the same. Getting the right words for you, on time, is the vital bit.

Call me or drop me an email and tell me a bit about what you’re looking for. It’s completely free.

I’ll listen, ask lots of questions and then offer you a firm quote for the whole project, based on your word count, how much research is needed and your timeframe. And if I don’t think I’m the right person to help you, I might be able to recommend someone who can.

P. S. My fee always includes:

  • A telephone or Skype consultation to get to know your business, your style and your objectives.
  • Studying your sector so I can describe your unique value.
  • Basic keyword research for SEO.
  • Copywriting to grab your clients’ attention, answer their questions and encourage them to work with you.
  • Proofreading and editing to make sure everything is error-free.
  • Up to two rounds of revisions, so you get just the right words.

P. P. S. You can see average copywriting industry prices here, courtesy of the ProCopywriters annual survey.


Website content writing

Lush images? Simple navigation? Fast load time? Your website is off to a great start. Now, let’s get the words to match. You’ve got about 8 seconds to hook a visitor before they click-click away. Your experience, wisdom and authority – all those benefits they’ll enjoy by hiring you – need to leap off the … Continue reading Website content writing


Article writing

The article is the serious big sister of the blog post. Written to leave your reader smarter, articles take a fact-packed, in-depth tour of a subject, product or service.


Blog writing

Once your website is up and humming along, how do you keep it fresh? How do you put it to work? A website needs to be more than simply an online CV or brochure.


White paper writing

“A white paper is a persuasive essay that uses facts and logic to promote a certain product, service, or viewpoint.” Gordon Graham The definition of a white paper varies enormously by industry. What it most certainly isn’t is a product pitch.


Brochure writing

Your brochure is beautiful. It’s packed with shiny images and printed on the most tactile paper. This is going to grab you and your business some serious attention when you include it in a mailshot or distribute it generously at conferences. But will the words turn that attention into action?


Case studies writing

You know your product is great. You know how much better off your customers are for using it. But how do you describe all that to a potential customer without sounding like you’re blowing your own, great big trumpet? Enter: the case study…